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THE MISSION of the Health Council is to enhance the quality of life in Grant County, New Mexico, through assessment of needs, planning and prioritizing, and coordinating of efforts to meet those needs.

THE VISION of the Health Council is to attain measurable and sustainable improvement of health for all community members. We envision a diverse, active and competent Health Council that serves as a catalyst and resource for improving quality of life in Grant County.

By sponsoring working groups and core teams dedicated to achieving the goals of the Strategic Plan, the Health Council uses its energy to meet issues head on. The working groups focus on measurable and sustainable improvement of health status for all community members. The core teams address cross cutting issues: community safety, behavioral health, economic development, fitness and nutrition, and resilient families.

The GCCHC has set these Top Priorities for 2016:

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Health Council Minutes

The Health Council meets quarterly in the Grant County Administrative Complex, 1400 Hwy 180 East. The minutes are posted once the Health Council approves them at the following meeting.


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Health Council By-Laws


Ratified May 2010

Article I


The name of this unincorporated entity shall be the Grant County Community Health Council.

Article II


Our City Mission:  To enhance the quality of life in Grant County through assessment of needs, planning and prioritizing, and coordination of efforts to meet those needs.

Our Vision:  We envision measurable and sustainable improvement of health for all community members.  We envision a diverse, pro-active and competent Health Council that serves as a catalyst and resource for improved quality of life in Grant County.

Article III


Consistent with the County Maternal and Child Health Plan Act [24-1B-1 to 24-1B-7 NMSA 1978], the following definitions apply to these Articles:

  • A) "Board" means the Grant County Board of Commissioners;
  • B) "Department" means the New Mexico Department of Health; and
  • C) "Council" means the Grant County Community Health Council, formerly known as the County Maternal and Child Health Planning Council.

In addition, for the purposes of these Articles:

  • D) "Staff" means the place Gila Regional Medical Center employees and contractors assigned to support GCCHC functions.
  • E) "The Act" means the County Maternal and Child Health Plan Act [24-1B-1 to 24-1B-7 NMSA 1978]

Article IV


In furtherance of the purposes described above, and consistent with Section 5 of the Act, the Council shall have the authority to collect and disseminate statistics and other information, to conduct assessments and assets inventories, and to make recommendations to the Board. In addition, Section 5, Part A of the Act requires the Council to develop and approve community health improvement plan before such plan may be submitted by the Board to the Department for approval.

Article V


The council shall perform the following functions:

  • A) Adopt such regulations, articles, rules or policies as it deems necessary to carry out its purpose;
  • B) Advise in the preparation of a community health improvement plan. Approve and forward to the Board a plan for submission to the Department;
  • C) Based on community input and assessment, provide recommendations regarding policy development and implementation;
  • D) Support the Grant County Community Health Council Committees as requested, feasible, and appropriate;
  • E) Supervise Grant placePlaceTypeCounty PlaceNameCommunity Health Council Staff; and
  • F) Perform such other acts, duties and obligations as may be permitted by the Act.

Article VI


Section 1: Membership

There shall be no more than 30 members of the Council.

Consistent with Section 4, Part A of the Act, the Board shall appoint to the Council members of the community who represent a broad spectrum of interests. Unless otherwise established by the Board, Council members shall serve terms as follows:

  • A) During the Council's first year, the Council shall assign one-third of its members to serve each of two-year, three-year, and four-year terms. The Council shall determine the manner in which these terms are assigned.
  • B) Subsequent to this initial assignment of terms, members appointed to full terms shall serve for three years.
  • C) If a member misses 50 percent or more of the scheduled meetings in one year, the Council may recommend to the Board that the member be replaced on the Council.
  • D) The Council may also recommend to the Board the removal of any member if three-fourths of the Council members deem such action to be in the best interest of the Council.
  • E) In any case of vacancy on the Council, the remaining Council members may recommend possible replacements to the Board for its consideration.
  • F) Any member appointed to fill a vacancy shall serve out the remainder of the term assigned to that vacancy.

Section 2: Officers

The only officers shall be two co-chairs. At the organizational meeting, two co-chairs shall be elected from the membership of the Council, one for a one-year term and the other for a two-year term. At each subsequent annual meeting, one co-chair shall be elected for a term of two years and shall assume office upon election and serve until a successor is elected and qualified. The Council may, upon two-thirds majority vote, relieve any or all officers of their duties for reasons of misconduct, malfeasance, and/or other circumstances it finds to be detrimental to its mission and goals.

Section 3: Committees

  • The co-chairs and five other members elected by the Council shall constitute the Steering Committee.
  • The Council may establish other committees on either a standing or an Ad Hoc basis as deemed necessary for carrying out the functions of the Council.

Article VII


Section 1: Frequency and Notice

The Council shall meet monthly via the general council or the Steering Committee and at the call of the officers. Notices of meetings will be sent to members of the Council by Staff at the direction of Council officers. All meetings of the Council are public meetings and shall follow Roberts Rules of Order.

Section 2: Meeting Times

At each meeting the time and place of the next meeting shall be set. Special meetings of the Council shall be held when called by the officers or at the request of a simple majority of Council members. Notice of each special meeting shall be given by mail, email, fax and/or telephone, with a minimum prior notice of 24 hours.

Section 3: Quorum

A simple majority of the Council, including Proxies, constitutes a quorum. If a quorum is not present at a meeting, the presiding officer(s) may adjourn and reschedule the meeting, or declare it a committee meeting, and make recommendations to the Council.

Section 4: Voting

The approval of a simple majority of the members attending a meeting at which a quorum is present is needed to pass all motions, with the exception of Amendments to these Articles, per Article IX, below. Every member of the Council is entitled to one vote. Proxy votes are allowed, if the Council-approved Proxy Form is used.

Any member who has a direct financial interest in the outcome of any council decision, or who has an immediate family member with such an interest, shall refrain from voting on that decision. This shall also be true for any member who perceives that voting on a motion creates an ethical dilemma.

Article VIII

Operating Status

The Grant County Community Health Council is organized and operates exclusively for the above-stated purposes. It shall operate at all times in a manner consistent with the Act.

Article IX

Amendments To Articles

These Articles may be altered, amended or repealed in whole or in part as long as they are in compliance with the Act, by a three-quarters vote of the council members present at any regular or special meeting at which a quorum is present, provided that:

  • A) Written notice of any proposed changes to the Articles has been given to members at least seven days prior to the meeting; and
  • B) The changes are consistent with the Act.

Article X


The Council, by a three-quarters vote of the members present at any regular or special meeting at which a quorum is present, may recommend its own dissolution to the Board at such time as it deems its functions no longer to be relevant or when, for any other reason, it deems its own dissolution to be in the best interest of the health, well-being, and quality of life of Grant County residents.

Upon the dissolution of the Council, any real or personal property of the Council shall be bequested to the Department, provided the aforementioned property was purchased with Maternal and Child Health funds.

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Health Council Committees

Steering Committee: This committee directs the Health Council's various endeavors, like a captain steering from the helm of a ship, hence the committee's name. They ensure our activities reflect and support the Community Health Priorities set by the council. They offer budget oversight, supervise personnel, set meeting agendas and keep appraised of the efforts of the numerous community groups working with and for the Health Council.

Community Enhancement Fund (CEF) Committee: The Freeport-McMoRan and Health Council's Community Enhancement Fund Committee meets quarterly to review applications. They award funds for speakers and training programs for the community that otherwise would not be able to access them due to the cost. By bringing events to Grant County, it increases the number of organizations and community members able to participate. This fund allows the opportunity for people in Grant County to experience training events as a community, rather than as separate agencies. The committee awards tens of thousands of dollars a year to fund to various community groups while overseeing the budget, reports and outcomes from the grantees efforts. Currently, the CEF has over $100,000 available.

Membership Committee: This committee identifies and recruits new Health Council members, while ensuring continued participation from the current membership. They review meeting attendance, identify sectors in need of representation, insure the Health Council reflects the diversity of our community, and plan the annual picnic/banquet for members.

Plan and Profile Committee: Who compiles all the data and statistics available on Grant County into one cohesive document grant writers use to bring millions of dollars into our area? This committee does that, and more. They oversee the vital community assessment, when residents have a chance to give their input into the needs and concerns facing our community. The Committee refines the assessment and other collected statistical information so the Health Council can easily review it and set the Community Health Priorities. Once the priorities are set, this committee drafts the necessary plans and goals, with the community, to better the quality of life in Grant County.

By-Laws/Policy Committee: This committee reviews the Health Council's by-laws to ensure their relevancy and our adherence to them. They also set policies needed so the Health Council can run like the well oiled machine it is. They also suggest policies needed so the Health Council can maintain its neutrality in the community.

Forum Committee: When the County Commission requests or community issues degree, this committee response by bring the central players together to address the community and see the issue is resolved through a coordinated and collaborative efforts. Highlights of this committee include: the Ft. Bayard Hospital Forum, the Septic Forum, and Workforce Solutions Forum

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Health Council Overview

The Grant County Community Health Council is composed of 30 members, each member is an innovated leader in their sector of the community. View the Health Council By-Laws. The Health Council meets quarterly on the third Monday of the month at 3 - 5 p.m. in the Grant County Administration Building's Commissioner Board Room, located at 1400 Hwy 180 East, Silver City, NM. Our upcoming meetings for 2015 are scheduled for: April 20, July 20 and September 21.

As the Health and Wellness Planning Authority for for Grant County, the Health Council uses their combined political clout and extensive network of community contacts to funnel volunteer efforts and grant money to projects the community is in need of most.

The members are appointed by the Grant County Commission. The Health Council meets quarterly. Click here for Health Council minutes.

Health-Council-2013-700w2013 Health Council set the County's Health and Wellness Priorities

Seven Health Council members, including the Chair and Vice Chair, serve on the Steering Committee that meets monthly to review goals, develop agendas and recommendations for the Health Council meetings. Click here to learn more about the Health Council's various committees.

See what the Health Council has been doing in our yearly newsletter: What a Year!

Anderson small

The GCCHC has championed many causes in the community including:

  • Recieved a Partnership for Success II grant to found the Youth Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition to address the high rate of alcohol and precritption drug abuse reported by area youth.
  • Administered Community Enhancement Fund to promote our community to bring speakers and trainings that otherwise might not be possible to Grant County. Since 2006, the fund has awarded $400,000 to community partners.
  • Received a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation grant for Healthy Kids, Healthy Communitiesto promote policy changes to support healither eating and active living in Grant County.
  • Coordinated Ready, Set, Safe - Grant County!, a community safety fair to promote injury prevention and defensible space sponsored by the National Library of Medicine.
  • Continues to coordinate the Red Hot Children's Fiesta, the largest children's development resource fair in southwest New Mexico.
  • Held community forms with public officials on the Ft. Bayard Hospital construction and Historic Fort Bayard.
  • Held Town Halls on methamphetamine use in the community.
  • Brought Corres Caminos, a countywide public transit system, to the area.
  • Envisioned Family Support Centers to provide a place to strengthen family bonds in the county and secured funding for four centers that opened in Bayard, Cliff/Gila, Mimbres, and Silver City.
  • Supported the Career and Technical Education Program offering comprehensive career and technical education degrees to high school students at the Cobre and Silver Consolidated Schools, and Western New Mexico University.
  • Endorsed the New Mexico Health Care Plan, offering health insurance to all New Mexicans.
  • Conceived the idea of a Volunteer Center and brought it to fruitation by locating grant money and creating a Board of Directors for the project that opened its doors this year.
  • Helped support the Medication Assistance Program that assists patients with no-cost or low-cost medications.

Don-Johnson-Tony-Trujillo-Sam-RedfordCouncil members Don Johnson, Tony Trujillo, and Sam Redford at a meeting

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