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Health Council Committees

Steering Committee: This committee directs the Health Council's various endeavors, like a captain steering from the helm of a ship, hence the committee's name. They ensure our activities reflect and support the Community Health Priorities set by the council. They offer budget oversight, supervise personnel, set meeting agendas and keep appraised of the efforts of the numerous community groups working with and for the Health Council.

Community Enhancement Fund (CEF) Committee: The Freeport-McMoRan and Health Council's Community Enhancement Fund Committee meets quarterly to review applications. They award funds for speakers and training programs for the community that otherwise would not be able to access them due to the cost. By bringing events to Grant County, it increases the number of organizations and community members able to participate. This fund allows the opportunity for people in Grant County to experience training events as a community, rather than as separate agencies. The committee awards tens of thousands of dollars a year to fund to various community groups while overseeing the budget, reports and outcomes from the grantees efforts. Currently, the CEF has over $100,000 available.

Membership Committee: This committee identifies and recruits new Health Council members, while ensuring continued participation from the current membership. They review meeting attendance, identify sectors in need of representation, insure the Health Council reflects the diversity of our community, and plan the annual picnic/banquet for members.

Plan and Profile Committee: Who compiles all the data and statistics available on Grant County into one cohesive document grant writers use to bring millions of dollars into our area? This committee does that, and more. They oversee the vital community assessment, when residents have a chance to give their input into the needs and concerns facing our community. The Committee refines the assessment and other collected statistical information so the Health Council can easily review it and set the Community Health Priorities. Once the priorities are set, this committee drafts the necessary plans and goals, with the community, to better the quality of life in Grant County.

By-Laws/Policy Committee: This committee reviews the Health Council's by-laws to ensure their relevancy and our adherence to them. They also set policies needed so the Health Council can run like the well oiled machine it is. They also suggest policies needed so the Health Council can maintain its neutrality in the community.

Forum Committee: When the County Commission requests or community issues degree, this committee response by bring the central players together to address the community and see the issue is resolved through a coordinated and collaborative efforts. Highlights of this committee include: the Ft. Bayard Hospital Forum, the Septic Forum, and Workforce Solutions Forum

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