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Priority: Family Resiliency

 Family Resiliency: What is it, and why is it a Grant County Wellness Priority?

Resiliency is the ability to bounce back from stress and crisis. It is displayed in individuals as optimism, resourcefulness, and determination. Individuals, families, and communities demonstrate resiliency when they build caring support systems and solve problems creatively. Families that learn how to cope with challenges and meet individual needs are more resilient to stress and crisis. Healthy families solve problems with cooperation, creative brainstorming, and openness to others. (Family Resiliency: Building 

Strengths to Meet Life's Challenges, National Network for Family Resiliency Children, Youth and Families Network CSREES-USDA)

Resilient behavior is especially critical for the most vulnerable children and families. Today's societal challenges require education and service programs that help counteract the impact of poverty, illness, substance abuse, and violence. Prevention and early intervention efforts help build coping skills that can reduce the need for expensive, crisis-level services.

Developing public policies that strengthen family resiliency requires a shift from strategies based on the "disease" model to strategies that support the "wellness" model. -Herbert Lingren

Grant County has many of the factors that negatively impact family resiliency including:ebraska Cooperative Extension

  • 29% of children live in poverty.
  • Over 21% of adults are obese.
  • 39% of children live in single parent households.
  • 58% of children are eligible for free lunch program.
  • Ranks 12 in NM counties (33 counties) for Domestic Violence with a rate of 8 per 1000. 47% of DV reports involved drugs or alcohol. (2014)
  • Ranks 19 in NM County Health Rankings(of 33 counties in 2015)
  • A recent study of Body Mass Index (BMI) in four grades in the Grant County public schools found that nearly half of the students were overweight or obese.
  • Sections of Grant County are considered a USDA Food Desert, parts of the country vapid of fresh fruit, vegetables, and other healthful whole foods, usually found in impoverished areas. This is largely due to a lack of grocery stores, farmers' markets, and healthy food providers.

The Health Council attempts a multi-faceted approach to strengthening family resiliency in our community by addressing individual, family and community needs. All our efforst are open to the community for involvement! Call (575) 388-1198 ext. 10 to find out how you can be involved!

Click below for our new Disabilities Resource Directory 2016 which includes local, state and national resources.

Click below for the Grant County Health and Wellness Plan for the Family Resilency priority focusing on early childhood, senior issues, and fitness and nutrition.

Some of our past and present projects:

 kid at zoo to you small

 Red Hot Children's Fiesta:

This annual child development fair is the largest in southwest new Mexico, with over 2,000 people in attendence. Over 35 services providers join every year to bring information on resources and services directly to residents. The Red Hot Children's Fiesta is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 26, 2015, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Community Built/Penny Park on Grant St., Silver City. Click here for more information on the fiesta!

 Caregiver Refresher Training small 2015

Caregiver Refresher Training:

A yearly partnership with WNMU School of Nursing to bring updated skills and infomration to local and regional caregivers to better serve those in need of their services. The free 7-week training offers information on medication, physical health, aging issues and business management.

 Neighborhood Orchard planting 6th Street 4-25-15

Grant County Neighborhood Orchards: 

A Communal Fruit Tree Map created as part of the Health Kids Healthy Communities grant led to bigger things in our County. Wells Fargo Foundation and the Grant County United Way funded the Neighborhood Orchards Project, a program to inrease access to fruit-producing plants in order to reduce childhood hunger. We are planting orchards now until Autumn 2016 with the support of over 25 partners. Click here to read our 2015 Annual Report.

 Click here to learn more about the Neighborhood Orchard Project.


 SACS helps out with the Senior Directory 2014

Senior Resource Directory:

With Hidalgo Medical Services Family Support Center, the Health Council helped create the Grant County Senior Resource Directory, a yearly compilation of services and resources specifically for seniors.Click here to download a copy!


Healthy Kids, Healthy Communities:

We received a four-year grant from Robert Wood Johnsons Foundation to increase the availability of fresh, locally grown produce to transform the eating habits of the community.  It envisioned neighborhoods with complete streets and sidewalks, crosswalks and bicycle lanes, trails, playgrounds and safe routes to schools to promote active lifestyles among children. The grant made farmers' markets and community garden policies straonger in our community. The Grant County Food Policy Council was founded by the Board of Grant County Commissioners. Also a local trails guide was created and National Trails Day observation. Click here to learn more about HKHC efforts, which are soon returning to Grant County with a grant through the Public Health Department.

 Immunization Week 2010

National Infant Immunization Week: 

Every year the Health Council applies for a grant to support immunizations in our community! In 2010, 160 immunizations were given to 68 children with our four community partners: Hidalgo Medical Services (Silver City and Bayard Clinics), Silver Health Care, and Grant County Public Health Office.


WNMU Resident Assistant Community Resource Trainings:

In the past, we coordinated community service providers to educate resident assistants at WNMU to be better able to access local resources for the benefit of students. Our partners included El Refugio, Inc., Silver DRegional Sexual Assault Support Services, Hidalgo Medical Services, WNMU Health Clinic, WNMU Councseling and WNMU Police Department. 


Southwest New Mexico Breastfeeding Council:

In the past, we have aided in coordinating the regional breastfeeding council to promote the benefits of breastfeeding and adoption of business policies to insure breastfeeding mothers' rights are supported. We helped host several World Breastfeeding Week observations in Grant County. Also several grants were received to supply regional health and medical clinics with staff trainings and resources to better educate and support breastfeeding families. 


Family Dinner Night:

With G.W. Stout Elementary, we sponsored Family Dinner Night to promote healthy eating and the imnportance of gathering around as a family to eat. The Town of Silver City procliamed September Family Dinner Night! A family dinner three to four times a week has shown to lower reported substance abuse use in teens. 

Family-Resiliency-Project-InfoFamily Resiliency Project Information

Grant County: Great Place to Raise a Family:

A four year project to bring family resource guides to those that need them most. Susie Trujillo and Vicki Johnson compiled hundreds of family resources from service brochures to bird watching and trail guides to benefit families in our community. (See some of the resources on the photo above of table covered with stacks of colored material)

family-kite-day-custom-kiteCustom Kite on Family Kite Day

Family Kite Day:

Silver City is the birth place of the International Kite Flying Association, founded in 1964 by Robert M. Ingraham. To celebrate our community's kite flying history, we sponsored kite-making and kite-flying in April of 2006-08, as part of our Four Seasons of Fun, family-freindly events for every season. Call the office at 388-1198 if you are interested in seeing this Kite Day return to Grant County!

 ACA NR photo WEB

 Family Support Centers:

The Health Council supported LifeCycles, community groups that dealt with issues related to age-specific cohorts. The Preconception to Preschool LifeCycle gathered community partners and received federal funding to found Family Support Centers throughout Grant County. The Centers are now administered by Hidalgo Medical Services.   



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