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Community Assessment FAQ

Grant County Community Assessment 2012


What is the Health Council?
The Health Council is the Health and Wellness Planning Authority for the Grant County Board of Commissioners. It consists of 30-members; each member is a leader in a different sector of the community. The members are appointed by the Grant County Commission.
What is the Community Assessment 2012?
Every four to five years, the Health Council is tasked with assessing the health and wellness needs of the community. This survey is a comprehensive look at the needs identified by county residents.
Why do "resident opinions" matter? Why should I take the survey?
For many grant applications, individuals must identify a "need" in the community. What better way to demonstrate this than to show the funder that the community has identified a specific area as a gap. Community programs are most successful and sustainable when they have support from residents.
Where can I take the survey?
The survey can be taken online ( or The survey is also available in print. Spanish versions are available in electronic and print. We will be gathering responses until mid-September at community events and meetings. Contact the Health Council for more information or to have us visit your gathering or event.
Will my answers be kept confidential?
All answers will be kept confidential. If you sign up for the raffle prizes, your information is stored separately from your survey responses, and there is no way to link the two pieces of information.
How will the data/results be used?
The data and results will be used to help the community apply for grant funding. The survey results keep government (local/county/state) officials informed on the needs and priorities of their constituents.
Where will the results of the survey be available?
The results will be available through the Health Council, along with information and statistics compiled from state, federal and community resources to give a complete overview of Grant County.
How was $15 million leveraged by the last community survey?
With the results of the 2006 Community Assessment, local governments, non-profits and organizations in our community were able to successfully apply for millions of dollars in grants. The Health Council, alone, has received $1.2 million in community health funding in the last four years. The previous community surveys, in 2001 and 2006, results are directly responsible for bringing in programs such as the Wellness Coalition, The Volunteer Center, Corre Caminos Public Transit, and Family Support Centers.
What about the other surveys being distributed throughout Grant County?
The other surveys being distributed only cover specific issues (airport, substance abuse, WNMU, etc.). This is the only survey that offers a comprehensive look at all health and wellness issues facing our county.
What are some of the Health Council successes?
Hidalgo Medical Services, the Volunteer Center, Corre Caminos, Healthy Kids, Healthy Communities, Una Mano Amiga Cancer Patient Navigators (now Patient Navigator for GRMC), the Wellness Coalition, Community Enhancement Fund (funded through Freeport McMoRan Foundation), MAP (Medical Assistance Program), Fitness Cup Challenge, 5210 Challenge, the Red Hot Children's Fiesta and health fairs.
For more information on the Community Assessment 2012 Your Home, Your Voice! or the Health Council call (575) 388-1198 ext. 22 or email the Health Council coordinator, Tiffany Knauf: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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