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Children's Life Cycle

Meeting Time: The Children's Life Cycle meets at different times depending on event planning. Please call for next meeting time.

The Children's Life Cycle has been sponsoring community events to promote family fun. The Red Hot Chidlren's Fiesta and the Family Kite Day are two of the events the group brainstormed in it's Four Season's of Fun, an attempt to offer family freindly events during every season!

In 2010, the Red Hot Children's Fiesta drew over 2,300 people to enjoy fun activities while learning about community services available for families. The Fiesta partnered with the Gila River Festival to teach children about the valuable resource in our backyard. Activities included Zoo-to-You from Albuquerque, live birds of prey, animal activities, a obstical course (seen below), face painting, bubble blowing, costume pictures, mask making and book bingo. Look for it again on Saturday, September 10, 2011.

red-hot-childrens-fiesta-2005Red Hot Children's Fiesta, 2005  childrens-fiesta-paper-masksRed Hot Children's Fiesta, 2005

Ann-Marra-LifeQuest-Early-Intervention Zoo to You Shows Off an Armadillo  childrens-fiesta-makes-butterflies-2009Lifequest Early Intervention Makes Butterflies with Children, 2009

family-kite-day-custom-kiteFamily Kite Day with a Custom KiteFour Season's of Fun kicked off 2006 by participating in National Kite Month with their Family Kite Day, April 9. Silver City is the birth place of the American Kite Fliers Association so the community thought to celebrate that fact, and the high winds that come in the Spring season, with kite flying. But before taking off, the community needed to make some homemade kites! So on April 8th the Health Council and Children's Life Cycle sponsored a Kite Making Workshop, taught by international kite maker Frank Miller! Over 100 residents turned out for the free workshop that offered older kids a chance to make homemade kites and small kids a chance to paint their very own kite! The next day, over 350 people turned out at Ben Altamirano Sports Complex soccer fields to fly kites. Look for Kite Day to return in the future!

kite-making-familyA Family Who Made Their Own Kites at the Workshop  high-flying-kitesSome of the high flying kites; in the upper right hand corner is one of the workshop kites, a three-tiered kite

The Children's Life Cycle sponsored a Play Day to bring families together to learn old and new games to play together on Saturday, April 17,2004. Over 250 people, young and old, turned out to play traditional games including: hopscotch, hoola hoop, duck duck goose, and other games. The Health Council acknowledges the importance of family resilency and bonding in the community, by aiding in bringing such events as these to promote family friendly events.

family-play-day-father-daughterA father and daughter spend time together at Family Play Day on April 17, 2004. An event coordinated by the Children's Life Cycle.

In 2003, Children's Life Cycle's (formerly Preconception to Preteen Life Cycle) major success was bringing to life the idea for Family Support Centers: places where families can strengthen their ties and connect easily with area resources. They secured funding for the project, and now, Bayard, Mimbres, and Silver City are the homes to new Family Support Centers!

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